Short Films

We had a short film workshop in Satrup, Germany in January 2018. The only orders the groups got were the theme or title ”Signs of the Times” – to be interpreted freely – and that they have to use a EU-flag ball or balloon in the film. It should come to the frame from the left and leave for the right. It got various symbolic meanings in the films – you’ll see for yourself as well!

All the groups were mixed: the students worked with students from all partner countries. In our method also teachers get to learn by doing, so there is also a film made by them. This truly was a good way to rehearse planning, writing, working in co-operation and of course shooting a film and editing. Thanks to our great filming teachers in Scheersberg Jugendhof, Ingo Mertins and Hannes Görrissen!

There are several dystopias or horror scenes in the films. That is to be expected since art is one way of dealing with your fears or bad feelings about what is going on. Surely it was a liberating experience to do that, even if it was hard at the same time. Other topics were for example bullying, begging, environmental issues and the importance of uniting and working together – in one’s own life but in the EU, perhaps, as well.


In spring 2018 we also made short films in each country. The newest film, ”For Frienship” by the Finnish team is now also to be watched!




True Friendship

A New Project?

What is it all about?


Unity, I want it






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