Learning, teaching and training in Bulgaria

In May 2019, our team had a learning, teaching and training week at Varna, Konstantin Preslavski, Secondary School of Humanities and Arts.

In between meetings in Romania and Bulgaria we had a task that combines the work of these LTT’s. In Romania we used the PhotoVoice-method and decided to continue with the themes that were discussed in those presentations. The plan was to take a mythological hero of each country and make a short film to present it to the others in eTwinning. In Bulgaria the young should create a new one, which somehow combines the features of the local heroes. Then they would make an animation of it in transnational groups. The animated hero would solve the problems that the young brought up in with the PhotoVoice method.

Here are the short films about the local heroes. They are made for educational purposes so they are not necessarily shot as a cinematic short film would be. Anyway they are fun and beautiful!

The film of the Bulgarian team

The film of the Romanian team

The film of the German team

Störtebeker from Sonja Schmidt on Vimeo.

The film of the Finnish team

”Bloopers” / Making of the Finnish film – worth watching as well!


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