What is Signs of the Times?

Welcome to the homepage of an international school project Signs of the Times, which is funded by Erasmus+. On this site you can find short films and texts made by 16-18 year old students from Bulgaria, Finland, Germany and Romania. We are studying media and the world of the young by phenomenon-based learning. We are just finishing our first school year with this project – there are still two more to come, so stay tuned!

The films and texts are on different pages on this site – navigate via three dots in the upper menu. The films were made in a workshop but the texts have been written in each country in between meetings. The topics have risen from our headline ”Signs of the Times” but the selection and categorizing has been done only after the texts have been given in; the categories ”Visualized Culture, Body Image and Self-Esteem”, ”The Dark Side of the Internet”, The Power of Knowledge” and ”About Society and Ideology” are thus been interpreted from the texts to organize them somehow. This means that not all of the texts are published now – they might be used elsewhere, later on.

If you want to read more about the project, please continue below. If you need some more information you can contact us via the contact-page. We wish you a pleasant stay with our dear project!

Ms. Laura Mäkelä, Editor-in-Chief,
Teacher of Finnish language and Literature, Forssan yhteislyseo, Finland


A short introduction to our topics:

With Europe in transition (Brexit, migration) and living in the hinterland, we try to comprehend local and international topics: we have themes which aggravate us and bring us together, but then there are local topics that are of no public interest which we should, nevertheless, learn to appreciate and regard as part of our heritage. Our goal is not only global thinking but empowering youth from local communities with pride of their identity. We research signs of the times transnationally by writing and creating visual images. In the process we will learn to master e-learning and digitalization which belong to the new skills of a citizen.


In the project ’Signs of the times’ (SOTT) (EU programme KA219) there are four participating (upper) secondary schools from four European countries: Forssan yhteislyseo, Finland (an upper secondary school with 540 students, aged 16-19, and 30 teachers), Bernstorff – Gymnasium , Germany (all fields of secondary education inc. with 920 students and 70 teachers), Liceul de arte vizuale ’Romulus Ladea’, Romania (a public vocational school with 480 students, aged 10-18) and SU za HNI ’Konstantin Preslavski’, Bulgaria (a national high school of humanity and arts with 1536 students, aged 10-18, and 135 teachers). The school in Bulgaria is situated in the city of Varna but the other schools in the provinces/hinterlands. Bulgaria on the other hand lies at the outer border of the European Union and thus falls into the same category. It is a bonus that the participants represent both relatively new and old member countries of the EU. The schools in Bulgaria and Romania have visual arts as their speciality whereas the ones in Germany and Finland are regular (upper) secondary schools with a variety of subjects and programmes available. The school in Germany has the status of Europa Schule and experience of integrating immigrant students. The emphasis of the project lies on the inclusion in the European community but also on localities with unique characteristics, and thus on equity.

Read more on page ”Description of the Project”.



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